Playing is magical



Play is the chief vehicle for the development of communication, language, empathy and children’s understanding of themselves and their environment. Our classrooms are well equipped and maintained with age-appropriate toys and games that help to enhance this process.


The gross motor aspect of our program will be taught in our gym where each class will be given 30-45 minute of gross motor activities per day through age appropriate games, ball handling skills, calisthenics and yoga, followed by a cool down period that incorporates deep breathing exercises.


Children learn best and retain the most information when they engage their senses. This is the foundation behind our sensory activities that we partake in daily. We consider it to be therapeutic “food for the brain”. Our sensory activities facilitate exploration and naturally encourage your little ones to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate and explore. We guide them through the process of learning through their five senses by utilizing a vast array of sensory materials.


Outside play is very beneficial to a developing child and we see to it that each group from Nursery to preschoolers get plenty of natural light and fresh air daily. Be it a walk around the block or playing in our nearby park. This will help them to expel energy that they might not be able to indoors and build aesthetic awareness for the beauty of nature that surrounds them while utilizing their five senses conjointly.